In the Meantime

So, after 10 years of infertility, I have been blessed with a perfectly healthy, beautiful, daughter.  Great, right?  The only problem is, since it took 10 years for her to be conceived, I am 10 years older than planned.  So, my metabolism is 10 years slower, my energy is 10 years more “seasoned” and although she and I ate the exact same thing for a little less than … 10 months (she was LATE), this chic came out weighing 7.1 pounds and I’m 20 pounds heavier!  At first I was totally committed to getting the weight off.  I’d seen Brooke Shields, Courteney Cox, Julianne Moore and the like have babies after 40 and they still looked great in the aftermath.  How hard could it be? Well, for someone who has only had to lose 5 -10 pounds at my fattest (size 6) it has been nearly impossible!  Working full-time, managing two children (even with help!) and trying to stay committed to writing has left little opportunity for me to starve myself and exercise excessively so that I can get back into my pre-pregnancy garb.  Initially, I decided not to buy any clothes at all and to punish myself by wearing large shirts and jeans every single day of my life.  But then I had what Oprah likes to call an “ah-ha” moment.  There is no guarantee I will ever be as small as I was.  It’s not that I’m being defeatist but it’s just reality—that may be the case.  Even if I do find a plan I stick with and get the pounds off, the weight loss isn’t going to be quick.  So, what am I going to do in the meantime?  Am I going to trot around looking homely in frumpyville until I get my sexy back?  Or, rather, will I work with what I have and make that my new sexy (for now at least)?  No, I don’t have a flat stomach or breasts that obey me but what I do have is my health, a family who loves me and a passion for fashion.  It is part of who I am—shopping the sales rack, assembling colorful items that normal people might not put on at the same time and making them work on me.  That has not changed.  And in the meantime, until I reach my goal of shopping the small sizes at my favorite stores, I’m going to do what is authentically Lia.  I’m just going to do it in a different size.


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